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Custom Show Boards & Posters by Palmieri Concepts

The #1 Custom Showboard & Car Picture Company

Palmieri Concepts designs museum quality showboards, display boards, and posters that incorporate custom artwork using photographs of your vehicle, making it unique and personalized just for you.

Our boards will make your vehicle stand out from the others!

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Make your vehicle stand out at the next car show, and complement it with a "real" museum quality show board!


Select a design option and size to meet your needs and price range

We are the home of the Famous

"Museum Plaque" Show Boards

The "Highest Quality Board Available"


This is the top of the line "very high quality," heavy-duty museum quality plaque. The artwork is mounted on 3/8" thick plaque with a special low glare satin finish UV coating and a nice beveled edge, 20x30 size approx. weight is 8 lbs. This is the board selected by most of our clients and can be seen in museums and as part of many high end displays. This board is manufactured by Artiplaq, a company well know for mounting high end museum artwork. Sizes from 8"x10" to 24"x36" and even up to 4 feet long available.



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